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Fundraising Rewards

Check Out our Fundraising Rewards Below
& Some Tips on How to Achieve Your Goal 

Autoimmune Walk fundraisers will be rewarded with great Autoimmune Walk branded apparel and items.
The incentive fundraising deadline will be six weeks following your Autoimmune Walk date.

                                        $25+: Official Autoimmune Walk T-Shirt                                                                              
                                    $500-$999: Official Autoimmune Walk Sweatshirt 
$1,000+: Official Autoimmune Walk Bag and Sweatshirt

Accept the Challenge:
Ask 10 friends for $20 each and Raise $200
It's easy. Here's how:
Tip 1: Set A Goal
Base your goal on how much you want to raise to fight Autoimmune Disease and what fundraising incentive you would like to earn.   Challenge yourself…you will be pleasantly surprised that it is easier and more rewarding than you possibly first thought!
Tip 2: Use Your Personal Fundraising Page
Once you register, you will automatically be directed to your online participant center dashboard. This gives you access to your personal fundraising page. This is a great tool to make asking your family, friends & colleagues to support your efforts simple. By sharing your personal story - why you are involved with the Autoimmune Walk, what it has meant in your life, why you are fighting back - you are connecting others to autoimmune disease. Giving it a face You can even personalize your page with pictures. Once you are ready, you can share it via e-mail with everyone you know.
When you registered you had the option to set up a direct URL, simply post this link to Facebook, email it out, Tweet it, post it on your blog, add it to your email signature. If you missed this step, just go to your settings in your participant center and create it/edit it now or contact us for help.
Tip 3: Write A Personal Email/Letter/Blog Post:
Your personal story is what will have the most impact. Take some time to write your story - think about what effect autoimmune disease has had on your life, your hope for the future, and how this fundraising and awareness can help. Put it in your own words, then share it with everyone - send letters, email it, blog about it.
Talk to people more than once and through more than one venue. People need to hear your message up to 12 times to be moved to act, so don't just send an email and forget it... Or so will they.
Tip 4: Don’t Be Afraid To Ask!
Your family members, friends and co-workers will want to support your efforts so don’t hesitate to give them the opportunity to help. The number one reason people do not give is that they were never asked.
Even if they say no, how much worse off are you?! At a minimum, they are more aware. But if they say YES, we all move closer to a cure.

Find 10 friends to donate $20 each


Day 1   Sponsor yourself = $25

Day 2   Ask 5 Family Members/Friends for $10 each = $50

Day 3   Ask 10 Co-workers for $5 each = $50

Day 4   Secure $25 from 2 businesses you frequent = $50

Day 5   Ask your Boss to support you.

                            Your Grand Total   =  $200

Don’t stop there!  Continue to ask others in order to help you reach a larger goal!

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