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Fast Facts

    A successful team is one where each member does their own fundraising

    There are GREAT tools and resources for teams COMING SOON

    Get to know your Participant Center, a FREE resource that was activated when you registered online. As a team captain, you received not only a personal page, but a team page where you can track progress of everyone on your team. 

Team Captains put extra time, talent, resources and heart into the Autoimmune Walk. The Walk is not just an event; it is about linking together family, friends, neighbors and even strangers to give autoimmune diseases a face and a voice. It is about linking patients to the help and support that AARDA provides, linking one patient to another - to someone who can relate to what you are facing, and its about linking the dollars you raise to finding treatments and a cure.


 As a team captain, you have three main goals…

  1. Recruit! Enthusiasm is contagious! Family, friends, co-workers, group members, neighbors, even strangers on the street; anyone can join your team, all you have to do is ASK!
  2. Fundraise! It takes dollars to fund advocacy, education, treatments and a cure. The support, encouragement, and friendly competition among team members can make it quite easy! Apply these tip, and get started today!
  3. Have FUN! Build camaraderie and excitement by bringing your team together, either through a party, at a fundraising event, on the phone, via a blog, or on Facebook. Autoimmune disease is serious business, but participating in the Walk can and should be fun!


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