Blue Sky Collaborative has partnered with Acceptiva to provide you with a seamless way to process fundraising transactions through your existing Acceptiva account. SWEET is now fully integrated with the Acceptiva service and merchant account.

Acceptiva enables your non-profit to accept payments and donations online, securely and affordably. Whether you need to accept donations or church gifts, school tuition or annual fund payments, registrations or sponsorship payments or any other type of online transaction, Acceptiva is all you need.

See how non-profits just like yours, use Acceptiva every day to securely accept online donations, tithes, school tuition payments, contributions, recurring gifts, offerings, pledges, registrations, sponsorships, membership fees and sell tickets, books, subscriptions, CDs, DVDs and more, all on customized pages that are created, edited and managed for them, for one low monthly fee.

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And now in conjunction with SWEET, you can easily process donations for your walk-a-thon, bike-a-thon, bowl-a-thon or any other event where participants can create their own fundraising pages through your Acceptiva service merchant account. No new account needed - no hassle - no fuss.

  • You're ready to fundraise with SWEET quickly.

  • Your donations are wired directly to your bank account without delays caused by software middlemen.

  • No additional transaction fees or penalties are deducted from your donations.

  • No new accounting processes or delays.

So Easy To Use

SWEET and ACCEPTIVA combined to make you're A-THON events a breeze. We do all the work for you. No new merchant accounts or contracts to sign, the same ease of use as your existing Acceptiva service and the knowledge that SWEET has been used successfully and happily by several other Acceptiva clients.

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