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Colgate Lift For Life 2011

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To the Colgate football family:
   Welcome! We are very excited to kick off our fourth annual Uplifting Athletes campaign and partake in our Lift for Life event tentatively on March 23rd in the Sanford Field House at 7:30 p.m. This year, we are raising support and awareness for Ependymoma research. Ependymoma is rare cancer of the brain and spinal cord, whose affects have been felt throughout our team and staff.
   Three years ago, our offensive line coach, Casey Vogt, was diagnosed with Ependymoma of the spine. Since then, his cancer has gone into remission, and he has fully returned to coaching. 
   Our efforts this year, in support of Ependymoma research, are dedicated to Coach Vogt. However, no matter what we accomplish this year, nothing can equate to what he does for us on a daily basis. Coach treats us not just as numbers on a roster, but like his own sons. The impact he has on our lives does not stop at how to block downfield, but how to carry ourselves in life.
   Every practice, Coach Vogt runs after his linemen demanding them to protect our back and to finish every play, our most important objectives. It is time we rally together and do the same for him. With your support last year we shattered all expectations and raised $8,611.26. This year our goal is to raise $10,000 for Ependymoma research. Please support our cause by visiting You can also send your support, to Colgate University, 13 Oak Drive, Hamilton, NY, 13346, Box N4195. Any support is to be made payable to Uplifting Athletes.
   Thanks to your generous support in the past, we have raised $15,200 to benefit research on several rare diseases. With your continued support, we look to have another outstanding year. The Uplifting Athletes slogan states “Together we are stronger”, and without you we would not be the organization that we are today.
Go ‘gate,
Ryan Risch ’13
Offensive Tackle        

What Coach Vogt has Meant to Former Players

Coach Vogt came to Colgate the summer going into my junior year.  He immediately became a tremendous influence on me and my fellow teammates.  He is someone that truly loves his job and his life, and that is something that is contagious.  Coach Vogt is able to push his players to their peak, and then beyond, on and off the field.  Since my playing days at Colgate are now over, our relationship has changed from a player/coach relationship to a friendship and I know that I can always call on him if I need advice or support. –Nick Hennessey ‘09

            Even though I did not have the pleasure of Coach Vogt being my position coach at Colgate, he has instilled in me important values I have taken with me while I start my coaching career. Even in his most painful times: bed ridden with a 6 day beard on his face, Coach Vogt always has a smile on his face. He was a leader to all of us. I strive to be the coach, husband, father, and friend that Coach Vogt has taught me to be. His passion is contagious. That passion never falters.  –Greg Hadley ‘10

Coach Vogt was the one who was always there when you needed him. Even through his treatments he always made time for his guys. I'm so blessed to have known him and won't forget the lessons he taught me.  –Rob Bundy ‘10

Coach Vogt is an exceptional football coach and leader, but he has meant much more than that to those that he has led.  From the time he took over as coach of the offensive line, his main focus was to help us develop as football players and more importantly men.  He took the time to get to know each of us as individuals because he truly wanted to help us grow.  Whether you were a four year starter or a wide-eyed freshman, Coach Vogt found a way to encourage you and impact your life in a positive way.  From the Fellowship of Christian Athletes meetings after practice, to the cookies that he brought his players on their birthdays, to the friendly phone call that he gave each player while away on break, it was very clear that Coach truly cared about us as individuals.  The strength and courage that he showed during his bout with cancer helped motivate and drive both the offensive line and entire team to a patriot league championship in 2008.  I speak for the entire unit and team when I say that we would have done and will continue to do anything for our fearless leader because we know that he would do the same for us.  I have learned many valuable lessons from playing under Coach Vogt and watching him lead.  I will carry these lessons for the rest of my life and intend to pass them on to others.  He is a man of great strength and character.  I am forever grateful for having the opportunity to play and learn under him and will continue to cherish his friendship.                      –Zach Posey ‘10

When Coach Vogt came to Colgate in 2007, his impact on the Raider football program was both positive and immediate. Coach Vogt quickly produced the best offensive line in the Patriot League and redefined Colgate football's hard-nosed, knock-out style of play. He always coached with the highest level of professionalism and enthusiasm. He treated his players with respect and always stood up for his offensive line, while demanding the very best from each of them. Coach Vogt did all these things while fighting through and eventually defeating a determined cancer. He continues to strive for the best in coaching and he leaves upon all of his players indelible life lessons, which truly is the mark of a great teacher and coach.  – Ryan Gross ‘10
As a member of the offense I have had the privilege to really get to know Coach Vogt on and off the field.  On the field he is a person who demands the best while still keeping in mind that football is still a game and should be made fun by all participants involved.  Off the field Coach Vogt is a father figure to all members of the Colgate football family.  Each and every day that I walked in the football office Coach Vogt went out of his way to ask me how my day was going or if I had anything on my mind.  Coach’s compassion, relentlessness and leadership are characteristics that I hope to emulate as I grow as a person. It has been an honor to play for Coach Vogt and build a friendship that I will cherish for a lifetime.                             -Greg Sullivan ‘11