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Last Day to Register is 4/26!

Be A SpiritWalker!

We Acknowledge You! 
Taking part in this mission of raising funds for future students at USM is a wonderful opportunity. The SpiritWalk team is here to guide and support you! Below, you will find everything you need to achieve your goal:

Getting Started

Set Up Your Personal SpiritWalk Pledge Page
After registering, simply log into your account through the SpiritWalk Login button at the top right corner of the website and complete your personal pledge page. Include your mission statement (see below), upload a photo of yourself and inform your community.
Create Your Personal Mission Statement
Write your own mission statement, explaining in a few heartfelt sentences what Spiritual Psychology means to you and why supporting this education is important.
Inform Your Community
There are numerous ways to spread your message! And it is important to get started right away! Below are some simple steps to get you started:
  • Send out a mass email to your friends and family requesting their generous support.
  • Use Facebook to post a link to your personal pledge page.
  • Use Facebook to send personal emails to all of your friends.
  • Use Twitter to inform your friends you are involved in SpiritWalk.
  • Create a tagline in the signature block for all of your outgoing emails.

Tips on Fundraising
You Are Supported
Discover Fundraising Tips PLUS additional and FUN ways to fundraise! If you find yourself struggling to make your goal and need some encouragement, we are here for you. Just send us an email to
Earn Spirit Points!
We Want To Acknowledge And Prize You Yor Your Efforts
Earn points for activities such as logging in to your account, posting on Facebook, receiving donations, and emailing friends. It's a fun way to encourage and track your fundraising efforts.  Prizes will be awarded to those who step above and beyond in their fundraising efforts and amount of Spirit Points earned!
Win Prizes!
We Are Awarding A Variety Of Prizes For:
  • The most number of Spirit Points accumulated
  • Those who raise over $1500
  • Those who raise over $2000
  • Those who raise over $3000
  Additional Fundraising Resources

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